Thursday, August 22, 2019
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New York Part 1: Portfolio Review

The last couple of weeks leading up to the NYCfotoworks portfolio review were exciting and brutal at the same time. There’s something to be...

Posting Food Photos

I’ve heard it whispered in dark alleys and loud parties. Hell, people even say it to my face. You’re one of “those” people. Yup,...

Behind the Scenes on Recent Food Shoots

Funny how the universe works, once I decided that food photography was the way I wanted to go, I unexpectedly connected with a great...

Memorial Day Pop-up BBQ

Memorial Weekend was the one-year mark for my move to LA. The anniversary inevitably leads to reflection. “What have I accomplished in my first...

Photographing Food

I decided to take a three-day weekend to do a food test shoot to go through some lighting ideas and test out a few...

Finding My Focus

So you want to be a photographer. Great. What do you want to photograph? Most photographers whom I’ve talked to that have gone to portfolio...

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