Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Scotland: An Unexpected Culinary Journey

  Some people travel to get away, some to see the sights, and others to be exposed to the culture. I would expect it's a combination for...

Scotland: Isle of Skye

  I've had a fascination with Scotland, particularly the Highlands, for quit a while. I'll confess, it started with my love of the Highlander movie...

Finding My Focus

So you want to be a photographer. Great. What do you want to photograph? Most photographers whom I’ve talked to that have gone to portfolio...

Photographer Assistant for Fun and Profit

A little over 10 years ago I sold my house in Phoenix and moved to (almost) LA to learn about the business and craft...

Surprisingly Ambivalent

I am on a plane to Costa Rica as I write this. Much to my dismay, I am completely ambivalent about this fact. I’ve...
photo by Don Crossland

Oaxacan Photographic Adventure

Continuing with the theme of travel to Latin America this year, I have confirmed a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in October for the Día...

Costa Rican Offer

I am in transition – vocationally, personally, spiritually and geographically. This entire blog is mostly about the first but this post is mostly about...