Most of my recipes are either things I've recreated from my childhood or things I've figured out how to make based on my culinary adventures.

Pasta Carbonara with Ramps

Ramps. Ramps. Ramps. The best thing about spring is ramps. Because I...

Tortilla Soup

My dad calls it taco soup. Whatever he wants to call it,...

Hard Cider BBQ Ribs

Earlier this year, a good friend asked if I would create some...
Hi! I'm

Don Crossland

I am a food and food culture photographer, currently settled in the Madison, WI area after years living in New York and Los Angeles. In addition to photography, I have an extensive backgound in branding and marketing which I use to help restaurants survive and thrive through my business, zenzino | design.

This blog is my way of sharing the food I like to eat, travel experiences, and some behind-the-scenes of my work with restaurants.

Don Crossland


Here's some behind-the-scenes of some of my latest commercial shoots. Often they are local, but sometimes I get to travel.

Assignment: UE Boom

  Sometimes, when I tell people what I do they say, "That sounds...

Assignment: Fresh & Easy Part Duex

I was sitting at my computer one day contemplating my place in...


My favorite way to experience new places and cultures is through local food. I travel when I can to broaden my viewpoint.

Little Ghent Farm – A Modern and Sustainable Farm

Besides being a time-suck, social media does actually have some benefits. I...

The Lobster Roll Rumble

Pick a side. No fence-sitters allowed. Connecticut or Maine? It’s the seafood version...

Scotland: An Unexpected Culinary Journey

  Some people travel to get away, some to see the sights, and others...