Monday, September 25, 2023
Adam Perry Lang in action

Adam Perry Lang’s Serious Pop-up BBQ

You might not think that the Jimmy Kimmel Live backlot in Hollywood would be a great place to get BBQ. Until early September you’ll...

The Lobster Roll Rumble

Pick a side. No fence-sitters allowed. Connecticut or Maine? It’s the seafood version of the Chicago-New York pizza and hot dog battle: New York thin-crust...

Scotland: Isle of Skye

  I've had a fascination with Scotland, particularly the Highlands, for quit a while. I'll confess, it started with my love of the Highlander movie...

Deep Sea Fishing

In less than 36 hours after arriving in Costa Rica my friend Cody had us out on a boat for my first ever, deep...

Oyster Exploration: Pacific Northwest

‘Tis the season. I’m not talking about the silly holiday season. I’m talking about the prime oyster season. This is the time of year...
Costa Rica

No Future in Wildlife Photography

I’ve got no future as a wildlife photographer. And I’m ok with that. I don't have the lenses, patience or the eye to spot the animals. Don’t...

Missed Opportunity

I'm a little disappointed in myself. I had originally intended to use this blog post to publicly flog myself for my failure. I had an...

Red Rock Landscapes

I had a shoot scheduled for Las Vegas at the same time a friend of mine from New York was going to be there...

El Niño: Mi Nuevo Amigo

Meet Johan. He’s my new best friend. I had a little bit of a tough weekend. I know, I’m in Costa Rica, how bad could...