Costa Rican Offer

I am in transition – vocationally, personally, spiritually and geographically. This entire blog is mostly about the first but this post is mostly about the last.

I left New York in the beginning of December (2010) and returned to Phoenix. I floated around Arizona for the holidays, spending it with family and friends. Then, in mid-January, I landed in Bakersfield, California. This was not a destination, it was just a stopover on the way to LA, an easy location to get my bearings and finish up some freelance projects so I could get paid and then find a home in LA. I had expected to be in my own place in LA by now but that hasn’t happened.

One of my freelance clients has been dogging it and a project that was supposed to be two weeks has now turned into two months. I can’t complain too much, it has turned into more work, including producing a video of their process. So now I am planning a trip back to Phoenix to shoot video and portraits for this company, delaying my move another month.

photo by Don Crossland

So this is not Costa Rica but it is Roatan, Honduras so I imagine they look similar.

I was given an opportunity to go to Costa Rica in the next couple of months for some shooting and some free time. It wasn’t going to pay much but it also wasn’t going to cost very much. I originally turned it down because I didn’t want another delay in getting my life started in LA. But, recently, I reconsidered.

I don’t really have to be anywhere at any time. I have no rent, no car payment and no job I have to go to at a specific time. I’m sure I’ll have other opportunities to go to Costa Rica in the future but why not take advantage of this opportunity while I can? Who knows what the future will bring?

I will be going for 2-3 weeks. I will stay around San Jose for a while but then have some time at Playa Herradura on the Pacific side photographing condos and resorts there. I will also go to the Caribbean side to photograph a former cattle ranch on 1000 acres of land overlooking the ocean. In addition, I found out that my trip will include a side-trip to Panama City to photograph more condos and land. Visit two countries for the price of one–too good to pass up.

So I am in the stages of planning the trip. I have to finish the video and also have to coordinate schedules in Costa Rica so it looks like I will be going towards the end of April. That will delay my move to LA another couple of months, but I am ok with that. This will be a great adventure and allow me to practice many things, including my Spanish.

I want to improve my Spanish because I have another trip planned for October. But more about that trip next week.

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