Assignment: Campbells-V8


Everyone likes a challenge now and then. Some, more often than others. I like to push myself in different ways and my assignment from the social media ad agency Fanscape for Campbells V8 was an excellent exercise in creativity.

The job was to produce 20 images highlighting the different flavors of V8 vegetable and fruit fusion juices. An outline was provided of the social media schedule for the following month. The idea was to have a series of images that were not overly produced, with a common theme while making them look like they were shot at different times and different places. The overall theme was sunshine and summer. The images ranged from fruit slushes and bloody marys to a lifestyle shoot of a day-in-the-life of a V8 drinker and a day at the beach.


It turns out the best place to shoot many of the drink images was right in my backyard. It's pretty green back there, offering a variety of different backdrops to give the shots unique environments. Over several days I got through the bulk of the product images. I got good at making ice cubes with a single blueberry inside and other fruit-filled juice cubes. Over the next few days the lifestyle images were shot at a few different locations.

Shortly after the images were delivered, they started showing up on the V8 Twitter and Facebook feeds. It was fun and sometimes a little baffling to see which images were chosen for the postings. As often is the case, a few of my favorite images never saw the light of day. To make matters worse, after only about half of the images were used, the social media person at V8 left and the entire campaign was redirected. This happens from time-to-time so you just have to roll with it.


My favorite images still ended up in my portfolio and I had a lot of fun rising to the challenge of creating so many diverse images in a relatively short amount of time.

I'll leave you with some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot.


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