Fresh Food, Fresh Ingredients for iPad Released

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It's alive! Or maybe just 'live' on the iTunes Bookstore.

It has been a longer process than I originally thought but it has been a lot of fun and a definite learning experience. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities of the Multi-Touch format for cookbooks. The addition of video, audio and other interactive elements can really enhance the experience. I think cookbooks are a category for which Multi-Touch is very well suited.

iPad recipe

It is not a large book with just under 20 recipes but it is very manageable. You'll be able to cook everything in it. I will also be periodically updating it with more recipes. These will update on your iPad with no additional cost. If you have an iPad, check it out. There's more screenshots at the iTunes Bookstore and you can even download a free sample before you buy. But you really should buy. And if you like it, please give it a good rating and maybe even write a review.

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