Central Park in Fall

One of the things I never really experienced much of, growing up in Arizona (besides snow) are the colors of fall. Throughout the city the leaves were changing but nowhere near as dense as Central Park for the fall colors. I decided to take a side trip through the park while coming back from an appointment on Central Park West.

Armed with my trusty iPhone, I entered the forest of Central Park to leave the sights and sounds of the city behind. Luckily, there were many paths to follow on my journey through the manicured wilderness. There are parts of the Park where you can completely detach yourself from the buildings and city noise.

I love the fact that the grass was still very green which offset the warm fall colors. The park was also fairly empty in this area in the early afternoon. I made use of my iPhone camera using the Pro HDR, TiltShiftGen and PS Express apps.

The colors were pretty spectacular and I couldn't resist enhancing them a bit. I also thought they were good images to put the photo edges on.

The last photo was HDR and enhanced with the vignette blur and, of course, some serious saturation. I almost pulled back a little on the saturation but I decided I like it over-saturated.

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