Katie and Tyler Engagement Session

I’ve known Tyler for quite a while, I’m just getting to know Katie.

I am in Phoenix for a photo/video job and figured since Katie and Tyler were letting me sleep on their couch (formerly my couch, but the couch is not the point) the least I could do was an engagement session for the newly engaged couple.

I hadn’t really gotten a handle on the dynamic between Katie and Tyler in the time I’d spent with them so far, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All I know is Tyler love annoying people and Katie handles it stoically and that made them a good match in that area.

I used my new Lensbaby Composer for this one. I learned that like any effect, it's best if used sparingly.
We started shooting in Downtown Gilbert (yeah, they call it that). As soon as we got to the grassy knoll Tyler and Katie started boxing while I was getting my gear set up. They were still trading punches (not real punches) when I was ready to roll so the session started with so boxing photos.

Katie and Tyler were very good at ignoring me and just being themselves.

I really didn’t have to direct them much. They were both animated and playful. All it took was a few suggestions from me on where to stand and where to face and they ran with it. I posted one of the 'outtakes' here. It was one of Tyler and Katie's favorites.

This one is one of my favorites from a pure photography perspective.

Once everybody got comfortable with the process they got a little more affectionate and I started to see the dynamic between them. This is the part I really enjoy about doing this type of photography. It gives me warm fuzzies when the chemistry is revealed in the photos.

See the rest of the pictures in the photo gallery.

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