There’s No Place Like…

I was in LA yesterday with some time to kill so I decided to look at some apartments on Fuller St. near Runyon Canyon. The area is dog friendly and there is a constant flow of people walking, running and otherwise exercising. There was even a mass yoga class going on in a grassy area.

The apartment I looked at was pretty cool. It had a similar layout to my apartment in NYC only slightly smaller, surprisingly. It was also less expensive by almost a third.

I didn't love it. It is not a reflection on the apartment, I haven't really liked anything I've found in LA. This concerns me a little but I know I need to give it a chance. I definitely can't go around comparing it to New York. That will just depress me and piss off people I meet.

It is difficult for me to be so transient. I love to travel and go places but I also want to have a place to come home to.
Not only am I transient, I'm in a strange city with no friends or support system here. Sometimes it is very daunting.
But, I have to give it a chance. I'll give it a year of networking and developing a social circle and see what happens.

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