LooseCubes Team Portrait

This was the last shoot I did before leaving New York.

I was working at a coworking space called New Work City right on the cusp of TriBeCa and Chinatown. It was a great place to meet some really amazing entrepreneurs and really cool people.

I met Campbell McKellar when she was just getting started with a venture called LooseCubes. She had just quit her day job to pursue the project and was spending most of her days at NWC. She brought on a few people including UI designer extrordinaire and New Work City mainstay Whitney Hess. It didn't take long for the LooseCubes team to take over one of the offices. I always figured it was a fun team to work with because there was always lively chatter and lots of laughter coming from their office.

A typical day at the office for the Loosecubes team.

I was offering NWC members special portrait shoots for their blogs, press kits, etc. Campbell was all over it saying she wanted to document the team at this early stage.

I told them we needed at least one serious one. Looks like they all went to their dark place. It lasted about five seconds.

We were originally planning a guerilla shoot in the alley behind NWC, but when schedules collide, you have to improvise. Campbell also wanted to keep it simple. Twenty minutes and a lot of laughs later, the LooseCubes team was back at their desks on a conference call. They have fun and play hard but work much harder.

Between the laughter we were able to get a few shots of the happy team.

LooseCubes connects independent or traveling workers with companies who have open space–from a spare workstation to an entire office. Or as Campbell puts it: "Loosecubes is a community of independent people building a global network of shared workspaces. We bring together people who have great space and people who want to work in it." So now LooseCubes is getting ready to take their site out of Beta when they launch their new site, coming soon.

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